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1] Choose a vehicle from our vehicle stock and click the “Enquire about this vehicle” button to submit your enquiry.

2] Inform you of the C&F/CIF price. E-mail/fax the proforma invoice to you. We will confirm availability of the requested vehicle and inform you of the C&F or CIF fee for your destination port. When you decide to purchase the vehicle, we will fax or mail you the Proforma Invoice and HOLD the vehicle for you for up to 3 working days while we await the deposit payment.

3] Arrange the 50% deposit by T/T or PayPal. Make the 50% deposit by T/T or PayPal. Using PayPal, the total amount to be paid to MKS includes the deposit + the 3% PayPal handling charge. After the payment has been arranged, please fax or mail us payment evidence so we may proceed with shipping arrangements. For further information on PayPal, see the information panel at the right of this page.

4] Deliver the vehicle for shipping on the first available vessel & e-mail/fax you the necessary documents. We will then e-mail/fax all relevant documentation including Bill of Lading and Commercial Invoice.

5] Arrange final payment and e-mail/fax us the copy of the bank application.

6] Upon receipt of final payment, we will send all original documents by EMS or courier to you.

7] You will receive the original documents at your address and vehicle(s) at your chosen destination port.

1] Complete the MKS registration form . To purchase vehicles at auction via MKS, please register with us first and arrange the deposit of JPY100,000 or US$1,000.

2] We will send you our bank account and Paypal details for you to make the required deposit. A bank transfer to our account can take up to 24 hours. A Paypal transfer will only take 3 minutes.

3] Arrange the deposit by T/T or Paypal for access to our LIVE auction system. Paypal is perfect for smaller transaction amounts (up to JPY150,000/US$1000) – inexpensive, secure and fast. Please note – in the case of Paypal transfer, please add 4% handling fee which is charged by PayPal to MKS International.Bank Transfer may take as long as 24 hours.

4] Upon receipt of your payment, we’ll issue you an ID and password to our auction system We’ll open a new account for you in our Auction system and welcome your bids.

5] Search for your desired vehicle & inform us by e-mail or fax. Send us this information simply with a few clicks in the Auction System Control panel. Please note, this information must be sent no later than 9.00am Japan time on the actual auction day.

6] If we are successfully purchase the vehicle, we will send you a Proforma Invoice for the payment balance.If you intend to continue purchasing with us, you may choose to leave the deposit for future purchases and pay the full price for the current purchase. If not, please pay us the full price minus the deposit for the current purchase within 3 working days upon receipt of the Proforma Invoice. If your current bid was not successful, you may choose to leave your deposit for the next purchase or if you have not made a purchase after some period of time, the exact deposit, made to our account will be refunded to you upon written request minus any transaction fees incurred by us (MKS) whilst making the refund (we do not take responsibility for any losses incurred by exchange rate fluctuations when making the refund to the customer).

7] Pay the balance within 3 working days upon receipt of the proforma invoice.

8] Upon receipt of final payment, arrange the shipping on the first available vessel. And courier or EMS all the necessary documentation as soon as possible. With many thanks!

9] You will receive the original documents at your address and vehicle(s) at your chosen destination port. Customer receives the original documents, proceeds with any domestic custom clearance procedures at the destination port before receiving the vehicle.

Agents fee for vehicles purchased at Auction

All vehicles are subject to our agents fee. Details as follows:

MKS agent Fee = FOB charges of ¥90,000 per vehicle.

This fee covers:

  1. Checking and confirming the details of your chosen vehicle.
  2. Purchasing the vehicle for clients at auction
  3. Arranging payments for the auction house etc.
  4. Arranging transportation to closest port.
  5. Arrange export certificate for vehicle.
  6. Customs clearance in Japan.
  7. Sourcing and providing all original documentation required

For the following services and transactions, please contact us direct for a quotation:

  • Pre Shipment Inspection
  • Shipment by Container
  • CIF Transactions
  • LC Transactions
  • Other transactions



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